Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Crypto-Buzz?

Crypto-Buzz is a platform connecting Cryptocurrency users with Cryptocurrency related projects & businesses. We act as the 'bridge' and as an 'escrow' for giveaway events sponsored by Cryptocurrency related project or business owners. It is the ultimate platform for Cryptocurrency Giveaways.

What is a Giveaway?

Giveaway is a type of event whereby a randomly selected winner gets rewarded with products/services. It is often hosted by businesses to increase their brand awareness and create a 'buzz' between users.

Why does Crypto-Buzz host giveaways?

We help businesses develop, set up, and manage giveaway campaigns. We make a profit by providing these services to businesses whilst ensuring that our users get only the best out of the giveaway campaigns.

Who is behind Crypto-Buzz?

Our team consists of digital marketing experts who have great experiences within the Cryptocurrency industry. Past marketing projects include Directory & E-commerce, Genesis-Mining, Ripple, Bithumb, and Bitfinex.

How can I participate in giveaways?

If you wish to participate in all of our giveaway events, you will need to be SUBSCRIBED. To do so, simply search for the red 'Subscribe' box at the bottom of our website.

How do winners get selected?

The winners for giveaway campaigns are usually selected randomly or manually (if it is a competition sort of campaign). For random selections, we use a software to randomly generate winners. This process is wholly recorded for reference purposes. Anybody is allowed to request to view these videos.

Why do I need to subscribe?

By subscribing, you are helping us grow our data, the list of Cryptocurrency users. This data will help us better understand who you are, what you like, and how you engage online. We strategically manage giveaway campaigns for businesses with the researched data in mind to help them effectively reach their target audiences. Don't worry, we treat privacy very seriously. None of our users' information are ever provided directly to any third-parties. All data research are conducted discretely through Facebook's Audience algorithm which 'encrypts' all information of users.

What if I don't subscribe?

You will not be able to participate in any of our giveaway events or receive exclusive deals and free gifts from us. Our services are exclusively for those who have joined our mailing list.

Can I unsubscribe/re-subscribe?

You can unsubscribe or re-subscribe as many times as you like. To unsubscribe, simply click the link at the bottom of any of our emails. To re-subscribe, simply subscribe like you did the first time.

I am not getting any emails. How do I know if I am subscribed?

Once you have joined the mailing list, you will get a confirmation email asking you to confirm your subscription. You will only be getting emails from us once you have confirmed your subscription. If you have confirmed but you are still not getting any emails (usually at least 1 email per week), please try to re-subscribe or contact us for guidance.

What is Crypto-Buzz?

We are a team of digital marketing experts providing Cryptocurrency projects and businesses with effective and affordable solutions to reach Cryptocurrency users.

How much do you charge for a giveaway campaign?

No matter how small or how large your Giveaway Campaign, we only charge $30 as base fees. Variations are provided for paid social ADs (Facebook & Instagram) whereby you pay for the exact amounts to be spent on these advertisements. We strategically manage your advertisements for free because we grow our list of subscribers through your advertisements. Because we already have established data on these social media platforms, you can save $$$ on A/B (split) testing your advertisements. 

How do I know if hosting a giveaway would be effective?

With years of digital marketing experience, we can confidently say that giveaway events are indeed the most effective when it comes to advertising.

Users are 65% more likely to recall giveaways as compared to normal advertisements.

Businesses are 25% more likely to reach their BEST target audiences through giveaways. 

We have A/B tested various strategies and we know what works best. Try hosting a giveaway with us & you won't be disappointed! Start giving away from as little as $5!

What should I giveaway?

The rewards for giveaway events can range from giving away actual money to discount coupons and/or products or services related to your business or project. If you are not sure about what to giveaway, simply 'buzz the team' and we will be glad to help!

Why should I host a giveaway with you?

Growing List of 100% niche-targeted Subscribers

We have an exponentially growing list of subscribers who are 100% Cryptocurrency users. 


Data Research = You Save $$$

We regularly conduct research on our subscribers (Cryptocurrency users) through third-party data research companies, including Facebook's very own Audience Insights tool. This data helps us to craft the BEST possible message for campaigns and helps us to reach the BEST possible target audiences who are most likely to ENGAGE. This means you can reach as many BEST target audiences as possible with us through the most AFFORDABLE budget. Save $$$ on your digital marketing budget!


Become a Sponsor, Permanently

Our platform is growing day by day at an exponential rate. Once you host a giveaway with us, you are featured as our 'past sponsor' permanently. The list of our 'past sponsors' are often included in our emails and of course, on our blog. Enjoy the constant traffic in-flow!

What projects/businesses do you accept?

We only accept projects or businesses related to Cryptocurrencies. 

I am a returning promoter. Do I get discounts?

You may be eligible for a VIP discount if you have hosted more than 5 giveaways with us. Please contact us if you are eligible for the discount & would like to host a giveaway once more.

Why should I conduct Paid Social ADs?

Although our list of subscribers are good enough to help your business/project attract Cryptocurrency users, we always recommend that you conduct paid social advertisements as well (Facebook & Instagram). Throughout our years of experience, we have crafted our very own strategy for Paid Social ADs and we can help you really create a 'buzz' within the industry with your giveaway campaign. Besides, we create relevant graphics and strategically manage the ADs for you for FREE. You only need to pay the exact amounts to be spent on these ADs. This is because we grow our list of subscribers through your ADs as well. It's a win-win for both of us!

What if my giveaway campaign fails?

Throughout the campaign, we will be actively consulting you for possible risks. We will ensure that your campaign does not fail and this is a promise! We will work together as partners and even if it fails, it is a 100% money-back guaranteed service.

How do you accept payments?

All payments need to be paid upfront, including the rewards of your Giveaway Campaign. We accept PayPal and Bitcoin. Visit our 'Shop' to view our services.