Digital Marketing Strategy Report



Digital Marketing

We will develop a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy Report upon reviewing your project/business.


The report will include an in-depth report on your website’s overall search engine optimiztation compatibility. It will show you all the errors and improvements you can make to boost you website’s search engine compatibility with detailed explanations as to why you should tackle those issues.

Target Audience

The report will also include a detailed analysis on your BEST target audiences. After you have successfully ordered the product, we will ask you if you already have a readily established CRM data. If you don’t, we will help identify your BEST target audiences upon reviewing your project/business. Our research will provide information such as: demographics, interests, and behaviors. This will help you identify what your target audiences like, what sort of jobs they have, and what sort of products or services they like to purchase online, etc.

Key Messages

When your target audience has been identified, it becomes easy to craft your key messages. We will provide you with some suggestions on what sort of ‘keywords’ to include and what sort of ‘angles’ you should be considering for your ad creatives. This will help you conceptualize your overall brand message and ultimately increase user engagements.

Competitors Analysis

The report will also include an analysis of your main competitors. We will identify their digital marketing strategies and help you benchmark and effectively compete with your competitors. For example, we will analyze your competitors to identify: What sort of social media platforms are your competitors mainly using? How often are they posting? What key messages have they included? How many users are they reaching through their advertisements or posts? What is their average engagement rate? and many more…


At the end of the report, we will arrange all recommendations in bullet points. There will also be step-by-step guides included on how to execute these recommendations.


Our service does not just end as soon as we deliver the report to you. Our team of digital marketing experts will ensure that you feel comfortable with the recommendations and you will be given multiple follow-ups. You can always reach us through the ‘live chat’ feature available on our platform should you have any questions or problems.


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