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Get featured under the ‘past sponsors’ section on our email. You will be featured on 3 emails. Be sure to subscribe!

Featured on our Blog

Your project/business will be reviewed and a review article (300 words) will be published on our blog under the ‘sponsors’ category. This article will stay here on our platform forever. This means you can enjoy constant traffic in-flow from our platform forever!

1 Shout Out on Twitter

Have your project or business promoted on our twitter page. We will post a tweet with relevant images or video about your project or business. #goviral

Future Discounts

If you were to host a Giveaway campaign with us after having purchased this product, we will give you a $20 discount without any questions asked. This is because we won’t need to publish a blog post (Sponsors) once again and because you have saved our time, we will help you save your $$$.


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