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We regularly host Giveaway events for Cryptocurrency users like you. We can do this by having various Cryptocurrency projects and businesses 'sponsoring' Giveaway campaigns with us. You can enjoy 'free gifts' while businesses can enjoy promoting their products or services. It's a win-win for everyone.


To enjoy all Giveaway events happening on our platform, you must be subscribed. Other conditions may be present accordingly. Worried about spam emails? Don't be. We hate them as much as you do. You will only receive emails related to the Giveaway events, winner announcements, and general announcements of our platform.

Who are we?

We are a team of digital marketing experts with extensive experiences within the Cryptocurrency industry. The platform has been created by the Cryptocurrency users for the Cryptocurrency users.

More Than Just Business

Our Mission

Our mission is to help connect everyone within the Cryptocurrency industry - project developers, business owners, general users, traders, investors, and so on... You get the picture. We are here to build a community.

Our Community

Join our community and start networking with fellow Cryptocurrency users. Take part in community events or discuss everything related to Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.


Free Gifts

Simply by subscribing, you gain access to all of our Giveaway events. You will also receive exclusive deals and coupon codes from us.

Earn $$$

We are constantly looking for Cryptocurrency users who can help us with the 'Website Audit' service we provide to Cryptocurrency projects & businesses. You will have to review a website according to our guidelines and give in-depth and constructive feedback to the project/business owner. Upon successful completion, you will receive a share of our profit. Learn more HERE.


You will be able to meet fellow Cryptocurrency users on our platform. Feel free to use our platform as a Cryptocurrency community and start networking with other users! Join our Facebook Group.


Confused? Don't Be.

We are more than just a giveaway sponsoring platform. After all, we are a Cryptocurrency related business and we want to make the most out of it. How? By providing our users with probably the coolest Cryptocurrency related products in town.

It's Hip. It's Quality. It's Fun.

We are serious when it comes to the quality but fun when it comes to designs. Let's have some fun with Cryptocurrencies. After all, we deserve it!


Have you got your own designs or ideas for products? Don't hesitate to contact us. Let's share some fun and possibly earn together!

Tools for Cryptocurrency Users

What is this?

We are a Cryptocurrency related platform and as such, we are here to provide some basic tools for Cryptocurrency users.

What Tools?

We have a complete list of LIVE & UPCOMING ICOs, Popular Currency Price Chart & Calculator, and a complete list of All Cryptocurrencies.



What is Crypto-Buzz?

Crypto-Buzz is a platform connecting Cryptocurrency users with Cryptocurrency related projects & businesses. We act as the 'bridge' and as an 'escrow' for giveaway events sponsored by Cryptocurrency related project or business owners. It is the ultimate platform for Cryptocurrency Giveaways.

What is a Giveaway?

Giveaway is a type of event whereby a randomly selected winner gets rewarded with products/services. It is often hosted by businesses to increase their brand awareness and create a 'buzz' between users.

Why does Crypto-Buzz host giveaways?

We help businesses develop, set up, and manage giveaway campaigns. We make a profit by providing these services to businesses whilst ensuring that our users get only the best out of the giveaway campaigns.

Who is behind Crypto-Buzz?

Our team consists of digital marketing experts who have great experiences within the Cryptocurrency industry. Past marketing projects include Directory & E-commerce, Genesis-Mining, Ripple, Bithumb, and Bitfinex.

How can I participate in giveaways?

If you wish to participate in all of our giveaway events, you will need to be SUBSCRIBED. To do so, simply search for the red 'Subscribe' box at the bottom of our website.

How do winners get selected?

The winners for giveaway campaigns are usually selected randomly or manually (if it is a competition sort of campaign). For random selections, we use a software to randomly generate winners. This process is wholly recorded for reference purposes. Anybody is allowed to request to view these videos.

Why do I need to subscribe?

By subscribing, you are helping us grow our data, the list of Cryptocurrency users. This data will help us better understand who you are, what you like, and how you engage online. We strategically manage giveaway campaigns for businesses with the researched data in mind to help them effectively reach their target audiences. Don't worry, we treat privacy very seriously. None of our users' information are ever provided directly to any third-parties. All data research are conducted discretely through Facebook's Audience algorithm which 'encrypts' all information of users.

What if I don't subscribe?

You will not be able to participate in any of our giveaway events or receive exclusive deals and free gifts from us. Our services are exclusively for those who have joined our mailing list.

Can I unsubscribe/re-subscribe?

You can unsubscribe or re-subscribe as many times as you like. To unsubscribe, simply click the link at the bottom of any of our emails. To re-subscribe, simply subscribe like you did the first time.

I am not getting any emails. How do I know if I am subscribed?

Once you have joined the mailing list, you will get a confirmation email asking you to confirm your subscription. You will only be getting emails from us once you have confirmed your subscription. If you have confirmed but you are still not getting any emails (usually at least 1 email per week), please try to re-subscribe or contact us for guidance.